Who We Are
The Council
Thursday September 18th, 2003
Bedford Academy, 12pm

Luis-Manuel Garcia, Jackie Shin, Eleanor Johnston, Leanne Fetterley, Melissa Thornton, Sarah Carleton , Jose Neglia, David Ogborn, Benjamin Stein, Tawnie Olson, Kate Galloway, Lynn Tucker

Meeting called to order at 12:30pm; chaired by Luis-Manuel Garcia.

I. Introductions and review of Agenda
MOTION: (Luis) BIRT we accept the agenda.

II. Business arising

A. Head Grand Application (GSU reps)
GSU reps Sarah and Jose instructed to attend GSU meetings and pick up head grant application.

B. Executive Reports
Circulation of MGSA financial records 2002-2003 – no discussion at this time

III. Meeting frequency
MOTION: (Luis) BIRT the MGSA Exec meet monthly during the 2003-2004 academic year, on the second complete week of each month on Thursday at 12:00. This is subject to review for second term.

IV. Grad Lounge
MOTION: (Leanne) BIRT the MGSA hold a grad lounge cleaning event on October 17th. (Tentative date.)
MOTION: (Leanne) BIRT a sub-committee be organized in order to investigate issues of use in the grad lounge.

V. Conference
MOTION: (Eleanor) BIRT the MGSA hold its annual Student Conference in February of 2004.
Some concerns were raised that this would be too early to plan the event.
Discussion about other suitable times.
Suggestion to hold the event earlier than April.

VI. Discourses online
MOTION: (David) BIRT the MGSA provide funding towards the continued operation of Discourses in Music, the graduate music student’s journal (at an amount which covers the web hosting).

VII. Disciplinary Reps
MOTION: (Eleanor) BIRT the MGSA appoint/elect disciplinary representatives from Musicology/Theory, Composition, Education, and Performance.
Eleanor will draft position descriptions based on the following suggestions: four members will be elected/appointed; these members will have full voting rights; appointments will be solicited by email and then additional efforts will be made.

VIII. Social Events

IX. Other Business
David will investigate the key policy for the grad lounge.

Motion to adjourn at 1:30 pm by the Chair.