Who We Are
The Council
Thursday October 16th, 2003
EJB Rm. E13 12pm


Executive: Luis-Manuel Garcia, Jackie Shin, Eleanor Johnston, Leanne Fetterley, Melissa Thornton

Departmental Reps: Jose Neglia, David Ogborn, Kate Galloway, Lynn

Disciplinary Reps: Jamie Younkin

Meeting called to order at 12:15 pm; chaired by Luis-Manuel Garcia.

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of September 18th minutes

3. Executive Reports – no business

4. Rep Reports

a) Library Committee

Review of issues: renewal of CDs
Tawnie Olson sent a letter of resignation to Jackie and Luis. Leanne will email
the list asking for nominations to fill this position. Luis: suggestion to
nominate Barbara Menich.

5. Unfinished business

a) Key policies (David)

David suggests that we ask the Dean about this issue.

b) Disciplinary reps (Eleanor)

Results to date: Performance Rep (Michelle Simmons); Musicology Rep (Jamie
Younkin); Ed Rep (Luis will ask Ben Boden); Comp Rep (Jackie/David will ask the

Luis suggested that Eleanor invite performance people to the Dean’s

c) Grad Lounge Cleaning (Leanne)
Approximately $150 in the budget for this event. Leanne will buy cleaning
supplies; the MGSA will then purchase a drink for those that help out.

d) Conference Discussion

Date: Tentatively February 28th, 2004
To do: Eleanor will organize the conference committee; Jose will ask Charlotte
Reeve for the application for conference funding.  
6. New business

a) Colloquium Series 2004-2005 (Leanne)

Request for suggestions in order to plan next year’s events.
Leanne will present the idea to the committee that there should be more
opportunities for student papers.

c) Meeting with the Dean

Friday, October 17th, 2003
Dean Beach is leaving and is creating a five year plan for the new Dean. He will have questions for us.
Suggestions for discussion:
Changes in policy – MGSA should be notified
Curriculum in musicology MA – focus of the two year master’s?, course offerings, changes to Introduction to Research I and II (Luis, outline of comp-lit programme/Jose, ethno program), thesis vs. coursework?
academic goals/expectations
recognition of interdisciplinary studies.
7. Other business

a) Melissa: Review of Discourses request for funding.

8. Announcements

a) Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, November 13, 12 pm, EJB

Motion to adjourn at 1:20 pm by the Chair.