Who We Are
The Council

Thursday November 13th, 2003
EJB Rm. E13, 12pm


1. Meeting called to order at 12:15 by Chair Jackie Shin


a) roll call of members present

Executive: Luis-Manuel Garcia, Jackie Shin, Eleanor Johnston, Leanne Fetterley, Melissa Thornton
Departmental Reps: Jose Neglia, David Ogborn, Kate Galloway, Lynn Tucker, Barbara Menich
Disciplinary Reps: Jamie Younkin, Michelle Simmons, Ben Bolden, Ryan Trew

b) approval of agenda

c) approval of Oct. 16th minutes

3. Executive Reports

a) Introductions (Jackie)

- New Disciplinary Reps
- New Library Rep

b) Recap of head grant procedure (Melissa)

4. Rep Reports

a) Graduate Committee (Lynn)

- course offerings for next year- issues of gender equality
- Dean's comments (or lack there-of) concerning the meeting with
graduate students

b) Library Committee (Barbara)

- Melissa proposed that Barbara have a suggestion box in order to
facilitate easier communication between the grad students and the MGSA
- Barbara plans to implement this - possibly in the grad lounge

5. Unfinished business

a) Discourses
- last year's operating budget: $301.21 (web hosting; only cost)
- MGSA contribution: $140
- this year's contribution: ?

b) Conference Planning (Eleanor)
- Eleanor plans to follow a similar theme as last year: concert and
- date: Feb. 28/04
- conference committee: Eleanor; Jamie; Kate; Melissa; (Luis; Leanne - advisory roles)

c) Dean's Five Year Plan
- report committee: Jackie; Luis; Leanne

d) Special Committee (suggested by Dean Beach): Key Policy/Access Issues
- committee: Michelle; Melissa; Sarah

e) Special Committee (suggested by Dean Beach): Library Issues  
- committee: Barbara; Jamie; (one more volunteer - Andrew Staniland?)

6. New business

a) Constitution: Duties of Executive Officers
Jackie - proposal to institute some form of protocol for the sharing of duties by two presidents
Issues discussed:
- should these guidelines be written into the constitution for future years?
- should these guidelines be prepared for this year alone?
- should this situation be allowed to happen again?
- is this an item for discussion for the committee or should it be handled by the co-presidents?

- no motions were presented or passed at this time
- the committee generally felt that this issue should be resolved between the presidents
- after the presidents have discussed this issue they should propose a motion to the committee by email which will then be debated and resolved through a vote

7. Other business

a) MGSA list
- David stressed that emails should not use HTML

b) Meeting protocol
- Michelle asked for clarification about attendance of graduate students at MGSA meetings. At this time any graduate student is free to attend meetings but these are not announced publicly.
- Michelle suggested that it might be more effective to have someone other than a president chair the meeting. No resolution.
- the committee has outgrown E13: next time we should book a larger

8. Announcements

a) Cancellation of December meeting - pub night instead!

9. Adjournment: 1:30 pm