Who We Are
The Council

Thursday January 15th, 2004
EJB Rm. 215, 12pm


1. Meeting called to order at 12:12 by Chair Luis-Manuel Garcia
2. a) roll call of members present

Executive: Luis-Manuel Garcia, Eleanor Johnston, Leanne Fetterley 
Departmental Reps: Jose Neglia, David Ogborn, Ben Stein, Kate Galloway, Lynn Tucker, Barbara Menich
Disciplinary Reps: Jamie Younkin, Michelle Simmons

b) MOTION: (Luis) BIRT we accept the agenda. I. Ben II. Eleanor

c) MOTION: (Luis) BIRT we accept the Nov13th minutes. I Eleanor II. Jamie

3. Executive Reports
a) Eleanor: request for help with social planning
- Luis: suggestion that we hold the yearly party after the conference

4. Rep Reports

a) Sarah: Announcement about the delivery of the Peer Review
b) David: Steward’s Report
                - grievances
                - certification of sessional instructors

5. Ongoing business

a) Conference Report (Eleanor)

- encouraging response from the call for papers outside of U of T but few from within our faculty (probably a result of a technical problems emailing the call
for papers – this has been corrected).
- Review Committee – this will be facilitated by Luis
- proposals from composition and education should be encouraged as well as late submissions (until early next week)
- at this time we have received about 12 submissions for papers and lecture-recitals
- room 330 is booked
- the conference committee will meet soon

b) Dean’s Five Year Plan response (Luis)

- A document was prepared in response to the Dean’s request and submitted to him. At that time the MGSA FYP committee (Luis, Jackie, Michelle) met with the
Dean and presented the document to him.

- Announcement: The Dean is continuing the process by meeting with ethno/musicology students Friday, January 16th at 10am.

c) Special Committees (suggested by Dean Beach)

- Key Policy/Access Issues: Michelle; Melissa; Sarah
- Library Issues: Barbara; Jamie; Tim; Herbert
- Luis: suggestion that these committees request feedback from the MGSA list; have one meeting themselves; and then an MGSA exec will contact Dean Beach to
organize a meeting with him.


6. New business

a) New Music Festival

For the past several years the MGSA has supported the New Music Festival through a contribution of approximately $100. Normally MGSA members organize a
reception for one of the NMF events. Although Dennis Patrick has not approached the MGSA yet this year we should consider a motion at this time:

MOTION: (Leanne) BIRT the MGSA support the New Music Festival by organizing a reception for one of the events. ($100 to $150)

- the NMF is next week and we have not been approached. Perhaps our support is not required.
- proposal to amend the motion

MOTION: (Luis) BIRT the MGSA offer support to the New Music Festival if it is accepted. Leanne will contact Dennis Patrick.

7. Other business

a) Lynn: report from Education
b) Discourses (David): request for payment of Discourses web hosting as soon as the invoice is available

8. Announcements

a) Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, February 12th, 2004 (12 – 1)


9. Adjournment: 12:55