Who We Are
The Council

Thursday February 12th, 2004
EJB Rm. E13, 12pm


1. Meeting called to order at 12:11 by Chair Jackie Shin

2. a) roll call of members present

Executive: Luis-Manuel Garcia, Jackie Shin, Eleanor Johnston, Leanne Fetterley, Melissa Thornton
Departmental Reps: Jose Neglia, Ben Stein, Kate Galloway, Lynn Tucker
Disciplinary Reps: Jamie Younkin, Michelle Simmons, Ben Bolden, Ryan Trew

b) MOTION: (Leanne) BIRT we accept the agenda. I. Eleanor II. Luis

c) MOTION: (Leanne) BIRT we accept the Jan 15th minutes. I. Eleanor II. Luis

3. Executive Reports

4. Rep Reports

a) GSU Reps (Sarah/Jose)

Peer Review
- GSU magazine for grad students
- free advertising for grad students (check for next year’s conference)
- fee for covering costs – may be a referendum on this
- Luis asked if this was a third party publication – might funding be withdrawn?
- delivery: mail @ home (also check TA folders and MGSA mailbox)

5. Ongoing business

a) Conference Report (Eleanor)

- Feb. 28th / EJB Rm 330
- papers and concert @ the Stone Church
- catered lunch / dinner (pay your way)
- volunteers needed: concert / host guests during the day / promotion – posters and website

- GSU funds: $400 (less than expected)
- current balance (Melissa): $1400

MOTION: (Eleanor) BIRT the MGSA allot $800 to the conference fund (to use in conjunction with the $400 from the GSU) I. Ben II. Jamie

b) Key Committee (Sarah, Melissa, Michelle)

- outline time frame for responses
- try to solicit more responses (post notices in the grad lounge and practice rooms / email through Susan?)
c) Ed issues (Lynn)
- meeting with Dean being arranged

6. New business
a) constitution (Jackie)

- discussion of GSU constitution
- feedback from MGSA?
- Jackie forwarded the 2001 version of the constitution to Charlotte Reeve

7. Other business

a) 5 Year Plan
- Jamie asked what the outcome of these meetings would be...Luis answered that the Dean plans to produce a document.
8. Announcements
a) Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday, March the 9th (12-1)

- book a larger room if possible

9. Adjournment: 12:45