Who We Are
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The list mgsa-l has been started to facilitate communication among the current graduate students affiliated with the UofT Faculty of Music. The primary objectives of this list are:
  • To provide a forum for graduate students to discuss topics related to administrative, financial and academic concerns.
  • To announce workshops, graduate student recitals, colloquia, social gatherings and other events of the UofT Faculty of Music graduate department.
  • The list mgsa-l is for the exclusive use of UofT music graduate students.
    Messages from non-members may be forwarded to mgsa-l by a list member, but these messages should be relevant to the primary objectives stated above.
    If you know of a UofT music graduate student who would like to be added to the MGSA list, or if you have any questions about mgsa-l, write to the list owners at the generic address: